a short game about an octopus named ophelia exploring the depths of the ocean in search of little fish to eat

CONTENT WARNING:  two curse words & a scene wherein the mating practices of a certain bathypelagic fish are used to illustrate the inherent violence of patriarchy & compulsory heterosexuality

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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I never ever expected to know how anglerfish fuck, and I'd especially never expected to know that this way

Edit: I'm shipping Angie and Anastasia and no one will stop me


no one's gonna stop you cuz Angiestasia is canon

This game has funny dialog and puzzles, what more could anyone want? Nice work, I can't wait to play more of your stuff :)


wow that was really a good one, funny unexpected writing, puzzles inbetween, the little fish that reveal text, l really liked how much care has been put into this! lm gonna check your other stuff, too bad there is no ranking on this jam l think you would have been number one!

That was sweet! I liked the anglerfish's story.

Also, great work on those mazes. They made ate all the fish and forgot how environmentally unsustainable this may be.

absolutely adorable and informative :)

Loved it! The simplicity was perfect for those puzzles and story.

Wow, this is wonderful. A lovely mix of character and puzzles. Brilliant!

What a neat lil exploration game!!! I really loved figuring out the puzzles :) and the characters all have such charming personalities

The moment I saw the female anglerfish, I knew where this was going. Nature really messes things up sometimes.